Thursday, February 18, 2010

Social location, social identity

This article offers an approach to having students map their social location, and can be applied across many curricular areas!

UWO Business Teaching Resources

Compiled by Western, here is another set of business resources...

BBC Business Leson Plans

Here is a great resource for basic business concept lessons:

The Times 100 Business Studies resource

Information in this Teachers' Resources section can help with lesson planning and preparation. The lesson plans and answer sheets for each case study are designed to be used in class, as homework or even to provide a framework to cover lessons.

Have a look at the case studies (adapt them for Ontario use), and also teacher resources.

Lesson Ideas

The NY Times has an archive of fantastic lesson plans - while the content may not be relevant (it focuses on US issues and perspective), the teaching/learning ideas are remarkable. I encourage everyone to browse outside their subject areas to look for pedagogical ideas, and adapt them to your own subjects.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Financial Literacy Diversity

Here is an interesting news item:

Centennial College brings Islamic finance course to Canada

The London-based Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI) has accredited Centennial College’s School of Business as its first training provider in Canada. The college will offer a course in the CISI’s groundbreaking Islamic Finance Qualification (IFQ). This is the first international benchmark in the area of Islamic finance.

The online course will be offered this fall to the general public. A major Canadian bank is already exploring the opportunity to enrol some of its staff in the course this spring. Canadian financial institutions are keen to learn how to comply with Islamic principles to attract an increasing share of this specialized market, especially in Toronto, Canada’s banking centre.

Among other stipulations, Islamic banking does not recognize the charging of interest, and instead requires transactions to be based on strict collateral. Loan products such as home mortgages can comply with Islamic principles by being structured like lease-to-own arrangements or other means that require a repayment structure in lieu of interest.