Monday, March 22, 2010

Homer Simpson teaches personal finance

Thanks Wes and Abi for this great reference:
Homer Economicus: Using The Simpsons to Teach Economics” Joshua Hall, WVU, Journal of Private Enterprise. 165-177. April 2005

Key points are summarized here:

Friday, March 5, 2010

Software to create comics

Comic Life is software which allows the user to create comics using their own or downloaded images. The free trial is only 30 days, but most likely some freeware exists somewhere.

(thank you Patricia M. for this resource!)

Brain Teasers

Using a brain teaser or logic puzzle is a great way to open a class while giving the teacher time to set up as students work on them. A number of great books are generally available on remaindered tables, but many are available online as well. For instance:

(1) - not too
difficult for the most part - but not enough for a school year. A great
place to start though.

(2) - many of these are
too difficult - stick to those rated one or two stars for high school

(3) - these seem to be a fairly
good level for high school students.